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Design Literacy Forum II . Visual Report

Design Literacy Forum II is done. A special thanks to the Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nitichan Pleumarom, Montfort Del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, Assumption University, and to all participants. Conference & Exhibition Presenters: .INTRODUCTION Assistant Professor Chutarat Laomanacharoen . CULTURES AND DESIGN WAYS OF THINKING by Tommaso Maggio . MERGING WITH NATURAL ENVIRONMENT ON ILA BAY, KO KOOD by Pim Wanaprapa . ILLUSTRATED PACKAGING OF CHICKEN MASMAN CURRY WITH DURIAN by Piyanat Dabbhasuta . LIVING COMFORT AND LUXURY IN SMALL SPACES by Chananya Apiwatphong . THE BUDDHISM MUSEUM . CELEBRATING 150 YEARS WAT RAT PRADIT SATHIT MAHA SIMA RAM by On-La-Or Homsettee . SCULPTING GANESHA AND SHIVA by Krairung Attanatho . DESIGN HISTORY WWI REMEMBRANCE by Johnathan R. Wright The Exhibition will be at AAU . ABAC School of Architecture and Design Suvarnabhumi Campus until August 28, 2015. The Immersive Session was conduced by B-Floor Founders J. Phantachat and K.Mulvilai A big thanks to Boontida Songvisava Below our Visual Report!

The complete Photo Gallery is available at our Facebook Page: TriangulumNetwork

30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR2 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR3 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR4 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR5 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR6 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR7 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR8 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR9 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR10 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR11 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR12 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR13 30-07-2015_DesignLiteracyForum_Report_LR14


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