Baan Ragad Community School is a public school that offers education from kindergarden to High school for local people around Baan ragad community.

The social service project by the department of interior architecture aimed to provide furniture for the School’s library. The furniture design focused on design and production process based on 50 % of materials from sponsorship and techniques studying. The sponsor for material is Daph furniture Co., Ltd. who supported particle boards, medium density fiberboard, melamine faced panels, and synchronous panels. The process involved 2-3 students working in groups to analyze human relations in order to create practical furniture solutions for the library.

This project challenged students to study furniture design process from the beginning such as site study & analysis, data collection, and conclusion of users at Baan Ragad School.

The students’ approach was to design and build furniture for library at Baan ragad which relate to user activities and space.

Project principles :

– Encourage students to practice their skills through research, design and production process.

– Provide opportunities for students to work in teams in the project.

– Encourage students to contribute to improvement of community’s well being.

Procedure :

# Site survey (Baan ragad School ตำบลระกาศ อำเภอบางบ่อ จังหวัดสมุทรปราการ 10560)

– Study activities, function, user’s need

# Design process

– Preliminary design

– Design development

– Furniture Working Drawing and materials specification

– Model study

– Furniture making

– Set up furniture at Baan ragad


The student should be able to demonstrate the understanding in:

# Basic data gathering process and its application

# Design conceptualization and execution

# Basic drawing of furniture design construction

# Basic drawing of details and presentation

# Model making

Students will learn furniture design for public service through the process of furniture

Design for children by using all knowledge including research and production methods.


There were 6 groups of students from the 2nd year of interior design program from the course IND 2303 Furniture Production and Fabrication Technology who participated in this project.

Students chose types of furniture in the library to be developed and in their furniture study, students conducted user’s interview, gather information about function and requirement, and SWOT analysis, and client’s satisfaction evaluation to be used as the basis for the design brief.


The design results are satisfactory and helped solve the problem of insufficient usability.

The School of Architecture and Design at Assumption University introduces AAU.DSGN to provide opportunities for secondary students with the interest in design to gain hands on experience in furniture design with the help of the instructors in the course through design workshop.

This year, we also provide platform for selected students’ furniture pieces to be displayed in the showcase at Bangkok Design Week 2020.

This gives an unprecedented design experience that enhances the training of new generation of designers for the industry in the future.



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