” I do not hope to be great at all in anything but perhaps I may reasonably hope to be happy in my work”

William Morris
Original quote in Mackail, John William, The Life of William Morris (London 1899)
Parry Linda, William Morris Textiles (V&A Publishing 2013)


In the age of industry and mass production, one can hardly find joy in one’s work. Goals in life are blurred by demand and supply.  Once in a while, we find comfort in achieving small attainable goals that craft can deliver.  INDUSCRAFT is a sanctuary for students and interested individuals who find joy through materialistic achievements, through craft.


Design for Hope


The project Design for Hope has been completed and products have been given to all recipients.  Product Design Department at the School of Architecture and Design would like to extend our gratitudes to all involved:

Assumption University

Habitat for Humanity

Instructors and Students in Product Design III

Sponsors and donations from the public 

Read about our success story in Bangkok Post through this link:




The tedious task of what to do with all the trash that we create on a daily basis was tackled by a group of instructors and students of Product Design at Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, Assumption University. Two organisations: TIPMSE (Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment) and Thawsi Rak Lok group contributed by providing information and feedback on how to develop a trash management system that will respond to the new paradigm of understanding about “zero waste” and that “packaging creates value”. To communicate this with the public, “Geo Pod” was derived from the idea of how bees harvest precious pollen from flowers and metaphor into hive-like recycle trash bins that collect and segregate used materials-mostly packaging-to accommodate waste management cycle. The prototype is part of the project: Sustainable Waste Management through Design, which explores the potential of using design as a tool to promote sustainable waste management in the public.

Bamboo Techtonic Workshop


Collaborative project as Design+Build by Department of Architecture and Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design

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